Past Experience

Team New Paradigm Government Services (NPGS) has extensive capability, experience and past performance for all of the Functional Areas within the SeaPort-e contract.

All of the team members have a long and successful history of working with the US Government, and specifically the US Navy dating back over 8 years.

bitwashWe have an extensive history of engagement in the: initial strategy; establishment as an ACAT 1 program; solution development; training and SysCom deployments. Indeed we have and continue to be heavily involved with all phases of the programs lifecycle and at all levels from the Navy ERP development team in Annapolis, MD, and directly with the SysCom’s i.e. NAVSUP, NAVSEA HQ (General Fund); and NAVSEA Warfare Centers (Working Capital Fund).

Once fully deployed, Navy ERP will significantly change the way the US Navy does business by providing an integrated business management system that updates and standardizes Navy business operations, provides financial transparency and total asset visibility across the enterprise, and increases effectiveness and efficiency.

Unlike any other small business this places Team NPGS in a unique and strong position to leverage our demonstrated wealth of understanding of the Navy’s business and the Navy ERP solution to the future benefit of the Navy.

In addition, Team NPGS brings a significant depth of knowledge, past performance and capability with regard to Logistics Support, Professional Development Training and Most Efficient Organizational. RMS and TRANSLOG specifically bring extensive capability from PhD. level professionals, from previous retired US Government personnel, including a DAU’s professor, academia and industry. Many of these eminent individuals have lectured, and written articles and books that are well renowned, respected and heavily referenced by the industry.

Relevant customer engagements in the last 3 years:

  • NAVSEA ERP Business Office Support

Navy ERP deployment

  • NAVSEA Warfare Center

Navy ERP deployment, stabilization and continuous improvement